ThermoHID Template

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Currently there are 1 devices connected.

  • The temperature of "HID Device1" is -6,125°C. This was measured at 19/08/2019 20:57:55
    The first under alarm is Triggered and will trigger when HID Device1 is less than 0°C.

    The lowest temperature that HID Device1 has ever reached is -6,125 whereas in the last 2 days it has only dropped to -6,125

    The average temperature of HID Device1 is 25,1377°C and has been as high as 35,555°C

    HID Device1@19/08/2019 20:37:58 26,99°C
    HID Device1@19/08/2019 20:42:55 -6,125°C Lower Alarm1 triggered
    HID Device1@19/08/2019 20:57:55 -6,125°C Lower Alarm1 triggered

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