ThermoHID Template

Promiod Dalai Lama

Currently there are 1 devices connected.

  • The temperature of "HID Device1" is 26,175°C. This was measured at 11/08/2020 18:21:18
    The first under alarm is OK and will trigger when HID Device1 is less than 0°C.

    The lowest temperature that HID Device1 has ever reached is 11,525 whereas in the last 2 days it has only dropped to 16,355

    The average temperature of HID Device1 is 21,8793°C and has been as high as 30,305°C

    HID Device1@11/08/2020 18:01:18 26,705°C
    HID Device1@11/08/2020 18:06:18 26,515°C
    HID Device1@11/08/2020 18:11:18 26,375°C
    HID Device1@11/08/2020 18:16:18 26,255°C
    HID Device1@11/08/2020 18:21:18 26,175°C

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